Summer Sizzle!

We completed our 29 May shopping tours last week with a lovely lady who has a terrible time getting shoes to fit her long and narrow foot. Success! Plus,suede colors she car order more pairs of these shoes any time in any color suede, patent leather or plain leather, with or without the bow.shoe

After so many tours, Chia and I took the week off and spent a few days in Rome with our dear friend, Katherine. She has a beautiful apartment near the Vatican, where she volunteers with the sisters in a women’s shelter.apt We did a little shopping of course…

Train travel is so easy here, and the trip from Florence to Rome takes only an hour and a half! I book online ahead for a better price, and good selection of seats. Chia likes to have a seat to herself!chia on train

It is sizzling hot here this week, and Chia is tired. We are taking time off to rest, recharge and prepare for the June shopping tours ahead! tired chia

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