Shopping Day #23 in a Row!

chia and fountain

Chia and I have been super busy shopping these weeks. Taking the day off today to do the mundane things necessary in life like laundry!

Bracelets have been a popular item to shop for. So many gorgeous styles here in Florence made from 18k gold: rose, white and yellow. Nice thing about bracelets is that you can see them when you are wearing them, unlike earrings! I have selected a few to show in a variety of styles:
bracelet 5bracelet 4bracelet melissa likesbracelet 1bracelet 2coin bracelet

Next week looks like a big shopping week for Roman coin jewelry and scarves. Ricardo has just received a ton of new scarves with patterns in beautiful colors that are patented designs. Not only silk, but wool and silk blends, cashmere blends and more!

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