In Praise of Paper!

One of the things that Florence is famous for is handmade paper. Early on in my travels to Florence, I purchased some paper from the market. Now that I know better, I buy it only from select shops! People often ask me how to tell the difference between the real deal and the fakes. florentine paper

So here is a test for you! Which of these is the fake? If you guessed the paper on the upper right, you are correct. I love the little tablets of note paper to give as hostess gifts with a bottle of wine, or as stocking stuffers this time of year. I always come back to Seattle with a big stack of them, and they are always gone by March!

One of my dear friends here in Seattle, Bruce, makes personalized note cards, invitations, etc. He gave me a set of 12 different cards, some of which have Florentine paper incorporated into them. bruce cardsThese make beautiful and unique gifts- my daughters are getting some for Christmas! If you want to have your own personalized cards, you can email me for details. If you click on the photo, you can see them better.

Now I must get on with another paper project: wrapping the Christmas gifts! Happy Holidays to all of you from Chia and me!chi tree

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