Embrace the Bling!

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Many of my shopping clients have expressed great lust for the Florentine gold work with gems. Often the comment is, “I want something for everyday, and the gems might be too much bling for where I live.” Living part time in Seattle, home of grunge, and the unofficial headquarters for sweatpants, I say BAH! Bring on the bling!!! Leading the way, I am wearing my nice jewelry daily with jeans and a white tee shirt here in Seattle- to the grocery store, walking Chia, in ballet class- everywhere!

I am all about natural and organic, and what can be more organic than a gem stone? They are dug up out of the ground! I say, let the natural blues of sapphire, the emerald greens, the garnet reds, etc. be reflected on your very own self. I consider the gems to be a bit of compensation for my wrinkles!


Spending the lazy days of summer here in Seattle, I have had lots of time to think about gems…..Latest idea? Arrange for a group of us jewelry lovers to visit the Tucson Gem and Mineral Show this coming February! Pearls? Tanzanite? Topaz?…….

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