Bags and Baubles

And the winner for my new fall handbag is this cavallino and calfskin leather:
cavallino bag

“Needed” a new black bag…I also saw it in navy blue suede and leather as well as deep red. Was so tempted that I may “need” to go back for the navy too….

I love my earrings and necklaces, but really I prefer rings and bracelets because I can see them all the time when I wear them. The goldsmith is making me a ring created from an old one my mother gave me. I didn’t like the style AT ALL, so he is using the stones and gold to create something I think I will love. Have been asked to post new pictures of jewelry, so here you go!
mixed diamonds ringwhite gold ring

leather bracelets Multi colored diamond ring, white gold ring, leather with gold and diamonds in bracelets. Rose or yellow gold with semi-precious stones.

And what about this cream colored leather coat??? It would look just as wonderful with jeans tucked into boots as it would over a dressy outfit.
cream leather

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