Summer Sizzle in Seattle.

Back here in Seattle for a few months, avoiding the heat in Florence only to find it hotter here! Less humid certainly, but very warm for July in Seattle.

I succumbed to the lure of these gorgeous sandals in Florence, thinking that I wouldn’t wear them too much in Seattle, but wrong! They do NOT have too much bling for the Pacific Northwest. Even better, they are comfortable, and I usually don’t wear such a flat sandal.
sandal 1

I have been wearing these here with white pants, dresses in blue, pink, white and green, jeans, etc. and loving them! The detail, which is so Italian, makes these sandals real standouts. They come in so many styles and colors, too. Might have to get another pair when I get back to Florence.
sandal 2

On the downside, I have come down with a bug, and have been lying in bed for a few days. But the view from my bedroom entertains me with a parade of boats.
And Chia is concerned that I don’t feel good, so stays by my side every moment.

chia 1

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