Still Sunny Skies!

Been getting colder here in Florence, but still sunny and 70 during the day. Chia and I have been taking long walks along the river Arno every day.

oltrarnoI love wearing boots again, and have been adding to my collection! Also added a deep navy handbag and a gorgeous scarf to my wardrobe. Some new designs have just come into Ricardo’s shop- patented designs, so unique to his shop!

The Mercato Centrale has opened the entire upstairs, which houses several restaurants and bio food shops. Had a yummy salmon dinner there the other night.


In Piazza Santa Croce there is a yearly market that has fall flowers and bulbs, food, wine, etc. Chia and I are waiting until this evening at 7pm when the cyclamen are sold off for only 1 euro each! cyclamen Might have to take my shopping cart to carry as many as possible back to the apartment….

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