Saving Men from Shopping…

This week started with a funny email from a potential shopping client who lives in Canada:

“My wife, her best friend and the two husbands will be visiting Florence this coming May and during my research I learned that you are the savior of many a husband from the threat of a day shopping for clothes.”

When I told him that I would be delighted to take the ladies shopping, he replied, “Bless You Maren
I have been informed of the importance of retail therapy and have been instructed to arrange for your therapeutic services.” Think these people will be lots of fun!

man's ring

men's shoes




I have had men of all sorts shopping with me: men alone wanting to shop for girlfriends or wives, gay men solo and gay couples, reluctant husbands who are entertained by Chia, etc. Once in a while I even have men who love to shop accompanied by their ladies who did not get the shopping gene. The men’s shoes, ties and suits are gorgeous! Even the men who dread shopping have fun with Chia and me!
chia with shopper

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