Roman Coin Jewelry: Authentic or Replica?

coin necklaces To the left are beautiful gold necklaces with replica Roman coins. An economical alternative to the real deal. F.M. necklace On the right is a necklace with an authentic Roman coin pendant. Notice how the coin is black, and not silver or gold. Only a few of the authentic Roman coins are silver.

There is a huge variety of Roman coin jewelry, and the price varies according to the worth of the coin. The authenticated, certified Roman coins start at about 500 euro, and go into the tens of thousands. The older the coin, the better the condition, the higher the price. coin braceletIMG_3838

This leather bracelet with a Roman coin and my own necklace with a Roman coin. These coins are not certified, nonetheless authentic, and not expensive! The important thing to know when buying Roman coin jewelry is that you are getting what you pay for! That is where I come in, and can help my shopping clients get just what they want in the price range they are comfortable with. You must know who to deal with, because sadly, there are people who try to pass off fakes as the real thing.

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