Paris Shop 4 It???

Ooh La La, Paris! The shopping is fabulous, but everything is very expensive, including coffee! Even so, I did manage to stimulate the French economy a bit. A gorgeous cashmere oversized turtleneck in pale blue, some costume jewelry for my daughters and the required tourist trinket:


Yes, it is the Eiffel Tower and it lights up….Chia made me buy it 😉

The highlight of the shopping for me was going to Caron Parfumerie. I bought some honest to goodness French perfume, but the real treat is viewing the shop itself. caron
caron bottles
caron perfumes
caron box
The bottles, boxes and compacts made me feel like I was in Marie Antoinette’s boudoir. I wanted one of each, but had to stop at the perfume….

How fun would it be to have a sister tour for Florence Shop 4 It in Paris?

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