Obsessed with Color…

Given we wear so much black, navy, camel, etc., I have become obsessed with color for accessories. Brightly colored handbags, shoes, scarves and even intricate jewelry which I have never worn before. Since I don’t wear heels here in Italy because of the cobblestones, I love these suede smoking slippers that come in an unbelievable number of colors:

suede slippers

This is just a small sample!

My scarf wardrobe has grown by leaps and bounds. I installed a curtain rod in my closet, and have all the scarves draped across it. This way I can easily see my choices.
my scarves

And the handbag of the week is a green python. I checked the price of a similar sized bag, and discovered that Fabio’s price is Fabulous!

green pitone His attention to details, like a python cell holder inside the bag make his work even more special. Am keeping my fingers crossed that he will continue to make his one of a kind bags!

The next few weeks are very busy with shoppers- Australians, Brits, Canadians and Americans too. Taking a little time to go to Venice, as I want to investigate Murano glass factories. IMG_4047 Chia will have fun seeing her gondolier friends again too!

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