Lovely Luncheon at Palazzo Antellesi

Taking a break from shopping tours today, and had such a nice lunch with the Contessa at her gorgeous palazzo. Here is a photo of the living room.


Chia is always included in the invitations to the palazzo, and she was a perfect little guest, sitting beside my chair quietly while we ate. Guests from Washington D.C. who were visiting, and an American/Italian couple who live here made for lively conversation.fedy and maren

The shopping prize of the week is a beautiful necklace designed by the goldsmith for an equally beautiful mother of three. The three rings, each with a different sized diamond, represent her three children!


This is an especially busy week, with shoppers from Australia, New Zealand, the States, Malaysia, Canada, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. We will be shopping for handbags, leather jackets, shoes/boots and jewelry.

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