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maren on ponte vecchio

Nearly everyone I have taken shopping in Florence has asked me how I got into doing shopping tours. The spring of 2009 I mustered all my courage, and planned a two month stay in Florence. I had never travelled alone, never lived in an apartment alone, did not speak a word of Italian and didn’t know a soul in town. I was scared, but excited too. I enrolled in Italian language school, and spent my afternoons wandering the town and shopping, of course!

I fell in love with Florence, and just had to keep coming back. My best friend came to visit me in 2011, and suggested that I start a little business taking tourists shopping since I knew all the best stores. I could tell everyone that I had to come to Florence for WORK! Shopping is never work for me, however…

Now my friends all want me to bring back treasures from Florence, so this summer I brought large Florentine silk scarves. Am hosting an aperitivo next Sunday to show how to fold the scarves, and to let everyone fall in love with them! And if you can’t make it to my house next Sunday, you can see some of the scarves on the website.

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