Vicarious Thrill

I think that the worst part of taking people shopping in Florence is that I see so many beautiful things that I want myself! I experience a vicarious thrill when clients find things that they love, and I have to hold myself back from constantly buying…I try really hard to limit my spending to one major piece per season. Last fall it was my bracelet from the goldsmith, which I watched them make over the course of 6 weeks:


Last spring I bought a lovely cream leather jacket. What will this spring hold for me? I can’t wait to find out!

My first shoppers of the spring season will join me next week, and I am expecting to find all kinds of goodies. Silk scarves, unique leather handbags, spring sandals and I still haven’t forgotten about the gold earrings I covet from the goldsmith’s workshop!

I have Chia’s travel crate out, and when I ask her if she wants to go to back to Italy, she jumps inside of it. IMG_4016

The wonderful food awaits us too: the fresh cheese, the local produce in the market, the prosciutto…..

I go to a special wine shop, where the owner is giving me lessons about wine. I am a good student, and try a new wine each week when I am in Florence. Salute!

I hope that you who are reading the shopping blog, experience a vicarious thrill from my adventures in Italy. Or better yet, come and experience it with Chia and me!

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