Swim Cap Shopping at the Grotto in Tuscany…

chippie and maren castelvecchio
To celebrate my birthday, I spent a few days in the Tuscan countryside with best friends here in Florence. We spent one day at the Grota Giusta, which is a thermal hot springs spa. Swim caps are required, so we purchased our 2 euro models…
maren in swim cap Last time I wore one of these, was about 1967…Was fun to see the Italian women in their retro swim caps and matching swimsuits!

Couldn’t photograph the grotto itself, as we had to leave all of our possessions in lockers before we descended. Dressed in long white cotton robes, we walked down into the grotto, which is warmed by the thermal hot springs below. Each “room” is progressively warmer. The last spot has chairs for lounging and meditation. Silence is observed. It is impossible to describe the experience, but one I will never forget.

maren with lori's bag 2
This week I sent off one of the handbags I have from the elderly leather craftsman. One last chance to hold it…at least I know it is going to a good home in Texas with a lovely lady who shopped with me last year. What a surprise that she received it in only two days! Of course it was NOT sent via the Italian postal service…My friend, Harriet, is still waiting for the box I sent to her last November!!!

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