Shop Until We Drop!

This week’s shopping trips have been so much fun! One day 7 hours, another day 5 hours and yet another 6 hours. I think that Chia and I are becoming world class shoppers! Lovely people buying beautiful things here in Florence: jackets, jewelry, boots and handbags. And speaking of handbags….
green bag

green bag detail
This is a feeble attempt at photographing a gorgeous bag made by the elderly leather craftsman here in Tuscany. It is a deep bottle green, braided leather and smooth leather combination. The braided part is made of hand cut pieces of leather that are dyed and then braided together to make this pattern. There is lots of black running through the braided pieces, so it would look great with a black outfit for sure! I would wear this bag with navy, beige, khaki, and gray as well. Given that we wear so many basic colors in our clothing, I think it is really fun to have a colored bag!

I also received a red suede and cavallino bag that was snatched up by the first lady to see it! The next woman I showed the bags to, bought the navy braided leather and python bag.

pearl and gold necklace
The goldsmith is making a necklace for me something like this one, but without the pearls. I am eagerly awaiting the sample for approval!

When I pass through the Piazza Signoria, where Savanarola held the “Bonfire of the Vanities”, I can’t help but think how upset the women in Renaissance Florence must have been when forced into burning their jewelry!

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