New Jewelry from Old!

Having been shopping with clients in Florence for several years now, I have come across a variety of jewelry shoppers. There have been couples who want to design their own wedding rings, couples celebrating anniversaries, and people who just want a beautiful piece of unique jewelry to commemorate their trip to Italy. One client had sold all the jewelry her old boyfriends had given her over the years, and invested the money in a piece of jewelry she loved. Another client had lost her dear husband, and had their wedding rings turned into two new rings that she will wear. Wish the photo did them justice! The workmanship on these is incredible.

photo (2)

All of this new jewelry from old got me thinking about that box I have in the back of my closet. The jewelry of the past! Rings from old boyfriends, jewelry from my mother I will never wear, an old wedding band from a marriage dissolved many years ago….Think I will go through it, and take it all to Florence and see what the goldsmith can come up with for me! After all, this should be considered an ecological, recycling necessity!

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