My New Roommate …..

Betsy bust

Her name is Betsy, after the model who posed for the sculpture. My friend from the Florence Academy of Art gave her to me, and I am thrilled! Couldn’t ask for a more quiet, neat roommate….

woven bag

Today Chia and I helped some repeat shopping clients find a beautiful woven bag. It is gorgeous and came in so many other shapes and colors too.

classic silk bracelet

Since we have started to do some “remote” shopping for people who are not coming to Florence to shop, I have collected a few photos of beautiful Florentine style jewelry. This is an 18k gold bracelet with diamonds in an oval shape. The gold is hand etched, and just incredibly beautiful. Everyone is pleasantly surprised with the price too! Had a client get one in rose gold, one in white gold and one in yellow gold to wear together. Absolutely breathtaking!!!

One thought on “My New Roommate …..”

  1. Maren,

    I love the earrings, however, I had a pair of earrings that weighed 10 grams and I was only able to wear them for a short time due to the weight. Do you think the goldsmith could lighten them a bit, so they are more comfortable to wear ? Also, my son liked cross #1, but said he would prefer a cross with Jesus on it. Did the goldsmith have any like that ? If this is too many requests, please let me know, and I will just wait until I can meet you in Florence.


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