I Miss Florence!

This morning in Seattle, it was 27 degrees at 10am. We have had an especially chilly spell, which is nice because it is sunny, but COLD!!! Chia was snuggled up against me this morning in bed, which is not normal. This is when I discovered that our furnace was broken! The coldest day of the year and no heat. So of course I did what was necessary: went shopping! Thank goodness I have my new shearling coat.
It looks brown in this photo, but it is actually more olive green. My friends here in Seattle are all drooling over it and want to come to Florence to buy one! It is lightweight, but still so very warm. It is not like the shearlings we are used to in the States, which resemble the thick, heavy, Marlborough man style.

A lovely client from Australia just ordered this ring from the goldsmith. I helped coordinate the details with great excitement. It is absolutely gorgeous!

I do love the hummingbirds here that do not exist in Italy. They are battling for territory these days, so I have three feeders out. Still one stands guard over the entire lot. Greedy little guy, but so cute!

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