What I Love This Week…

Pants that FIT!!! There is a great shop here in Florence that makes pants to fit women’s bodies: curvy! I want a pair of stretchy jeans in a subtle pattern that are a big thing here. These pants come in brown, purple, blue and green and have big turtleneck sweaters to pair with them. Worn with boots or smoking slippers, I think they are just the thing for fall. Have decided to go for a pair of deep navy blue smoking slippers, but not sure if I want suede or cavallino…I do already have a pair of brown suede, and a pair of cavallino print:

print slippers

One of the best finds of the week is this shoe stretcher! Maybe I have overlooked them in the US, but have never seen one. It comes with several little inserts to put at various places to stretch shoes in more than just length- width and bunion areas too. Whoo hoo! All those shoes that hurt me are going to get a taste of their own medicine as I torture them into submission! And no more paying the shoemaker to stretch shoes and boots for me.


This coming week, I am shopping with a group of four women from Texas, who were referred by a previous client. Should be fun! Also checking in with the goldsmith to see the progress of my new necklace. We are debating a necklace in the Corteccia di Pino (bark of pine) with a fun clasp, or a more intricate Florentine pattern, which I am waiting to see. This is a photo of the bracelets in Corteccia di Pino in the slim and the thicker style. corteccia di pino

Will also be checking on the beautiful ceramics I am buying, made inapricots a Renaissance pattern. With the fall season coming to a close, and my return to Seattle pending, I am in shopping overdrive!!!

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