Love the Clutch!!!


Yes, it was love at first sight…I remained calm as I picked up the black woven clutch. I opened it, revealing the camel colored leather interior where there lay a heavy, chain link shoulder strap. My heart started to beat faster. When I snapped it shut with the large silver balls, seeing the sides of the bag perfectly aligned, I grew giddy. But wait! It came in so many other colors: red, purple, orange, neutral toned multi…and so many other styles too! IMG_0153 These woven leather bags are hand made here in Florence. I spoke at length with the owner of the shop and factory about his bags, and he substantiated what I already knew: that this business has been in his family for many years. I also met his darling mother, who still works in the store along side him. There are lots of stores here that claim to have their own factory, but in fact, there are only a few… most tourists never realize this. It is so important to know where to shop for authentic leather here!

When I saw the laser cut suede bags in their shop, I snapped a few photos, and retreated to the little street…by now my head was spinning…IMG_0150

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