Looking Forward to Spring!

Chia and I are looking forward to spring shopping in Florence! Here in Seattle Chia has to deal with my daughter’s cat, Charlotte, her nemesis…..

photo (18) (1)

Charlotte weighs in at 13.5 pounds, and little Chi Chi at 8.5. No wonder Chia has great respect for cats all over the world….

Today we went shopping at Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack with my oldest and dearest friend, Heidi. Some great deals on things for my daughters, but disappointing results for me. I am so spoiled by the shopping in Florence! Everything here in the States looks outdated and poorly made by comparison. Nordstrom does have just the best return policy, however, unlike ANY Italian shop! Think I will just wait until I return to Florence in March to do any spring purchases though. Anything I buy there is at least two years ahead of the fashion here. And I still have those gold earrings from the goldsmith’s workshop on my mind….

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