Let’s Get Organized for Fall!

In my never ending effort to stay organized, I took my “investment” boots to have new soles and heels in preparation for my fall shopping tours in Florence. $53.00 seemed a little steep, but I live in these boots, and the cobblestones in Italy are so hard on one’s shoes…Plus, I spent a fortune on these boots, and am dedicated to lowering that C.P.W. factor (cost per wearing). It will be too hot to wear boots just yet in Florence, but i love the soft, colorful smoking slippers in suede.
smoking slippers

These come in at least a dozen colors, and are a great bridge shoe from summer to fall, or spring to summer.

Have been looking at my white Nannini bag from Italy, and although loving it, am ready for a change. Chocolate brown super soft leather and suede tote bag maybe….this photo is of a handmade one of a kind bag. Feeling is believing when it comes to this!
tote Large enough to use as a plane carry on this has some of the most substantial hardware I have seen on a bag. It molds to the side of the body and is lightweight too. Just the thing to replace that white summer bag!

Next step in organizing for fall: grooming for Chia. She is going to have a new short haircut for the warm weather in Florence! She is getting the “teddy bear” cut, and I can’t wait to see it. Will post photos next week!

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