La Dolce Vita a Firenze with Handbags to Die For!

nappa teos

This is my bag pick of the week! It is handmade here in Tuscany by an elderly leather craftsman and is one of a kind. I love everything about this bag: the color, black with deep chocolate undertones; the shape and texture; the incredible hardware and longer shoulder strap…I only wish that I could keep it, but alas, my retirement fund is at risk with all the beautiful things I have bought here already. This is the down side of taking people shopping in Florence. I see everything, and there are so many gorgeous things to buy!
nappa teos 2

When I can pull myself away from shopping, I like to visit unusual places like the sculpture gallery and workshop. But wait! There are sculptures and boxes made of semi precious stone available for purchase…Romanelli, studio view 3

I consoled myself at dinner with my friends here after we went to the gallery. This fresh fruit dessert was yummy and took my mind off of bags, boxes and sculpture for a few minutes anyway! Tomorrow we have hired a car and driver to take us on a wine tasting tour in Chianti. Will take lots of photos and tell you all about it!

fresh fruit torte

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