The Holidays Approach!

Chia and I bid farewell to our friends in Florence, and made the long trip back to Seattle for the holidays. Chia slept on my lap on the plane! chia sleeping on plane

But even from Seattle we are still shopping remotely in Florence! The goldsmith is designing a new necklace for me, and I can’t wait to see what he comes up with. If any of you has a request for a holiday gift, let me know and I will be your Santa’s helper…

Am loving my new blue suede smoking slippers, which are super comfortable and come in all of these colors:
suede colors

blue suede shoes

Cold and rainy here in Seattle, but Chia and I are so happy to see our family and our friends. Thanksgiving approaches quickly, and then Christmas and New Year’s. Time seems to fly, and we will be back shopping with clients soon!

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