Happy Mother’s Day from Chianti

Chia in Chianti

Chia and I spent a lovely Mother’s Day in Chianti with our friends and their dog, Agatha. Everything is green and blooming in the countryside. We discovered a tiny town that was so charming. Not a tourist in sight, and hoping to keep it that way, so I won’t name it!

Earlier this week, we had a shopping tour with a wonderful couple from India. Debby and Rakesh

I have had to say goodbye to three of the handmade bags I got from the elderly leather craftsman in Tuscany. They all went to good homes, however, and are currently out and about in Texas and in Florence!IMG_0222 Would love to be able to keep the remaining six bags, but somehow that seems indulgent! Or does it???

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  1. Maren,

    Stumbled across an article about you, and although I am not planning a trip to Florence in the near future, do you shop for people in U.S. and then ship it over. We were there for our 25th anniversary, five years ago, and I wish I knew about your service then. I am interested in a timeless, beautiful yellow gold bracelet, a gold cross for my 25 year old son, and a beautiful scarf. Thanks so much for considering my request. I love Italian well made goods.


    Candace Flowers

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