Handmade Handbags from Tuscan Artisan

navy bag 2

Big colors here for fall are blue and green. This navy blue suede and python bag is just gorgeous! Handmade here in Tuscany by an elderly leather craftsman who works in the old traditional way, this bag is so special. And take a look at this one in mustard and a dark brown/purple…

eyelash bag

The artisan’s son will be delivering to me 6 bags that I selected a few days ago. My main problem is that I cannot decide which one I want to keep! Will post more pictures when I receive the bags.

Very warm here still: 94 degrees! Today I had two shopping tours in the heat, so Chia and I are feeling a little wilted this evening after 7 hours of walking. The shoppers bought beautiful Italian made clothing, suede boots and a shearling coat. I have seen so many things that I would love to have, but think I will concentrate on handbags until it is cooler and I feel more ready to try on warm clothing….

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