Handbag Love Affair…

woven tote detail

What exactly is it that makes our handbags (aka purses, pocketbooks, totes) so important to us? Of course we all appreciate that a great bag makes us feel good no matter what the scale reads, or whatever disappointments and heartbreaks life hands us. We can barely fit into our “fat jeans” and still feel good if we have a great purse. We will even carry an old tattered bag that made us feel good once upon a time!

I remember a blue bag my 8th grade friends pooled their allowances for to buy me for my 14th birthday. I remember my daughter at age 2 throwing herself on the ground screaming, “I has to have it!” (couldn’t pronounce an “f” or “v”) when she saw a pink plastic bag in a shop. The handbag is magic for us females!

So you all will understand that upon viewing handmade Italian bags in unbelievable leather, python and suede, I am positively over the moon… navy python, buttery soft brown leather and a unique woven from handcrafted strips of leather, styles and shapes I have only dreamed of…need I say more?

Just look at the unique details on this python and leather bag!

IMG_0255 IMG_0256

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