Gorgeous Fall in Florence

With daytime temperatures in the mid-80’s and cool, lovely evenings, I am reminded why I love Florence in the fall. Okay, so the REAL reason I love Florence in the fall is the boots, bags and fall fashion….the weather is nice too. IMG_3974

The things I see here in Italy are usually 2 years ahead of what we see in the States. Big colors this fall are green and blue. Am seeing these colors in handbags, jackets, and all kinds of work/tote bags.

Had a truly lovely lady shopping with me this week. She purchased a stunning red leather jacket that is reminiscent of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Obviously not the one in the photo, but she has promised to send me a picture wearing it.

She also bought a Roman coin necklace that is a show stopper!
F.M. necklace

As the days grow shorter, and winter approaches, I am thinking about shearling coats…..

2 thoughts on “Gorgeous Fall in Florence”

  1. This jacket is just gorgeous! The red is a real, true red- will post a photo as soon as I get one! Thanks for your comment, Maren

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