Florence Shopping – A Mecca for the Shopaholic!

As I write this week’s blog, my head is spinning with all of the beautiful things I have seen this week. The problem with taking people shopping here is that I see everything and I want it all! Gold jewelry, leather jackets and handbags, silk scarves, pottery….


ceramica 2

This is not the usual factory produced ceramics with sunflowers, red poppies and tuscan country scenes. That is nice too, but this particular ceramics artist uses Renaissance patterns on just about any shape piece you can imagine. I want some serving pieces for appetizers, a big pasta bowl, and a large medicine jar. Hard to put in the suitcase, but easy to ship with insurance!

And I think I need to have a few pieces here in Florence for aperitivo guests! Just wish I had a professional photographer to capture the beauty of these pieces!!!

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