Fabulous Fall in Florence

The temperature here is still in the low 90’s during the day, but cools off nicely in the evening. Everyone is out and about, walking around, sitting in the piazzas, having late dinners…Fall in Florence is one of my favorites times. All of the fall fashion is coming in daily: boots, shoes, leather jackets and all of the clothing too! Every shop has temptations galore, and only the warm weather keeps me from going crazy buying everything!

Chia and I were just at the Sant’Ambrogio Market for fresh cheese, fruit and vegetables.
The tomatoes were just as good as they looked, and I couldn’t resist putting the yummy apricots on a piece of my Florentine pottery…

I snapped a photo of this cute Italian grandmother at the market, dressed up for her errands, but not wearing the typical Italian lady shoes!
italian nonna

One of my shopping clients this week bought a gorgeous Florentine ring with a ruby in the center. We debated sapphire or ruby…decisions, decisions!
Denise's ring

Soon I will be going to see the elderly gentleman who still makes bags by hand. He has told me that I can take as many as I want to see if any of my clients might like one….once again, decisions, decisions! Stay tuned for photos of the bags on the blog next week!

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