Chia’s New Friends

No shopping for us this week, but when we were out the other night, Chia met some fellow Pomeranians. The boys were quite excited to meet her, especially the black Pomeranian in the center of the photo! I suspect he had heard about Chia and her European adventures.

photo (11)

Being the most photographed dog in Florence, Chia is relaxed in front of the camera. This will be useful, as her new book, “Do You Speak Pomeranian” has just been released. It is bound to be a big hit. We are beginning to organize our book tour, as well as our appearance on Good Morning, America!


Well, at least we are waiting to hear if there will be a book tour and tv appearance…. actually, the book tour will be our taking a few copies with us back to Florence. But hey, you TV producers out there: not only does Chia have a book out, she does the best dog tricks ever, including her famous arabesque! Think we will have to get around to making the You Tube before we go back to shopping in Florence.

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