Bracelets on the Brain…

Beautiful sunny weather here in Seattle and WAY too hot in Florence right now: 102 degrees..Many of the small shops close for August in Florence, and whoever is able, goes to cooler spots.

I am eager to see what the goldsmith has thought up during the August vacation. Work in 18k yellow, white and rose gold: bracelets are a favorite of mine. I like to be able to see the jewelry I am wearing! Of course I love earrings and necklaces too…

photo (15)

This is a photo of a beautiful “liquid gold” bracelet that you just have to feel to believe. The earrings are made from Roman coins. These coins can be made into just about anything you can imagine! This is my necklace of rose gold with a Roman coin.


Many people tell me that they prefer silver jewelry. The white gold has the look of silver, but is much stronger.
photo (26) This is an example of white gold in an original Florentine design.

Maybe something with black diamonds too?white gold

Or if bangles are more your style, look at this yellow gold bracelet etched by hand. There are earrings and rings made like this too!img699

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