Handbags Bright as Fresh Bell Peppers!

The Sant’Ambrogio Market is just a few blocks from my apartment here in Florence. I am there nearly every day to buy truly fresh fruit and vegetables. The new spring handbags I have seen this week remind me of the bold colors from the market: tomato red, lemon yellow and gorgeous green. Wish my camera could capture the colors better!



Chia likes to pose for pictures in front of the hand painted leather bags. She is the most famous dog in Florence now. When we walk on the street, many people greet her by name!


My other favorite of the week is a chamois coat. This leather is beyond soft and comes in taupe, chamois, black and ice blue- 3/4 length coat, or short jacket either one is absolute luxury! It feels like a second skin and hangs beautifully. I could wear this in Seattle in the summer and fall, or right here in Italy now! Temptations abound….


2 thoughts on “Handbags Bright as Fresh Bell Peppers!”

  1. Wow- I definitely need a bright handbag about now to counter Seattle rainy weather!
    Gorgeous pictures- especially Chia! Wish I were there….

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