Winter Shopping in Florence

There has been rain here in Florence for the last two days, and yesterday it turned cold too! Time for the scarves, gloves, boots, etc. Feeling a little sore from all the traipsing around on the cobblestones for hours, so I asked my massage therapist for an appointment. She comes to my apartment, and gives a great massage! Chia gets a little rub too.

The leather coat debate still dances in my head. Navy blue with pin tucking, or chocolate brown reversible? The brown coat pictured below is soft chamois on one side and reverses to smooth leather.
Both coats are beautiful, fit great, about the same price and not available in the States. Guess I will wait to see how I feel about them next week.

Chia and I are going to Venice for a few days this week. I will post some photos of our adventures shopping there!

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