Summer in Florence

In the hot days of summer, I may not feel like shopping for shearlings, but jewelry knows no season! I am enamored with the Roman coins and the jewelry that is made with them. I prefer a simple setting like this one on a necklace to set off the coin itself. Over 2,000 years old, these coins come in a variety of sizes and designs. The chain of this necklace is 18k gold with rose gold square beads, made by hand, and put onto the chain. Even alone this necklace is stunning, and comes in any length. The square beads come in larger sizes too- gorgeous!

Here is another example of a Roman coin made into jewelry.
This bracelet was designed and made for one of my shopping clients who was visiting Florence with her mother. The leather combined with the gold and the coin make it a very casual, hip piece. The goldsmith drew the design as we watched, and the clients were thrilled with the results.

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