Shopping, shopping, shopping, beach!

The leather here in Florence is something to behold. From simple classic jackets, to designer jackets, to shearlings, there is something for everyone! This photo shows only a corner of one of the two rooms with women’s leather jackets in a great shop. There are two other rooms with men’s jackets.

Chia prefers the room with the fur coats!

Fall has brought out the leather boots everywhere. And what is more fun than new boots and a cute salesman to help you try them on?

Chia and I were a little weary from five shopping tours last week, so we made an impromptu trip to Monterosso al Mare in the Cinque Terre. Giovanna, at our favorite hotel there, told us that she, “worked a miracle” and got a room for us. It was packed everywhere with tourists enjoying the beautiful fall weather on the beach. Our miracle room was on the back side of the hotel with this view:

Chia and I are back in Florence now, rested and ready for more shopping adventures this week! Three appointments at the goldsmith’s workshop this week, and one for myself too!

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