Shopping Online in Italian

As the gray, rainy days drag by here in Seattle, I am busy shopping for Christmas gifts. Online shopping, that is. With free delivery, extra air mile points and the ability to shop in my pajamas, I am staying dry and warm while I shop. Although the selection isn’t as fun as the little shops in Florence, I am finding some basics for the family for Christmas. Only hassle is breaking down tons of cardboard shipping boxes….plus, the neighbors are starting to talk about how often the cute UPS driver is at my house!

I have even discovered an online shopping source in Italy that has free delivery. Nothing except household items, but I have not been able to resist getting a few things for my apartment in Florence…Best part is that I can practice my Italian while I am shopping.

One of my shoppers this fall had a gorgeous “liquid” gold bracelet (with sapphires on the clasp), designed for her at the goldsmith’s workshop. The earrings she also had made especially for her, using some ancient Roman coins the jeweler had. They are spectacular and unique.

Meanwhile, I am assisting clients who will be in Florence shopping without me! After emailing back and forth, I have organized tours for them. Leather jackets, gold jewelry, ceramics, handbags and boots are on most of the shopping lists. The python handbags in Florence are something to behold!

A handbag like this green one, could make the winter in Seattle seem a whole lot brighter for me!

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