Shopping in Florence with M & M!

Beautiful fall weather here in Florence, and all of the leather fashion and gold jewelry continue to fascinate the shoppers. This week ended with two lovely ladies from Canada- both of their names starting with “M”. M & M were hardcore shoppers, and we spent two days together shopping for leather jackets, gold jewelry, fashion, shoes/boots and bags.

This is a photo of a feather light leather bag in a new style for fall. It is buttery soft and so different!

The next photo is one of the M’s being fitted for a new fur and leather jacket. The sleeves were a bit too long, so they were altered that very day, and the jacket was delivered to M’s hotel that evening. No extra charge for alterations or for delivery, which we love!

M and M had lots of fun at the goldsmith’s workshop, and after buying several pieces, started on a wish list for their next visit.

M wanted to have her hair styled here in Florence, so I made an appointment with Ciro at his salon.

After two days of intense shopping, and lots of beautiful purchases, we celebrated with a drink together!

Next week is almost fully booked, so Chia and I are going to rest up today! Hope I get a some time to do a little shopping for myself soon!

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