Shopping in Florence When You Are Home

We have all been there: bought that certain something on the spur of the moment and then regretted it…But even worse is the purchase not made- the shoes you loved but couldn’t justify buying because you didn’t “need” them, the bag that you thought you could live without, the gold earrings you passed up because why? These are the items we think about at 3am when we cannot sleep, kicking ourselves because we now realize that we LOVED that bag, those shoes, earrings, and now they are sitting back in the shop taunting us!

Yes, at these times we feel like a real dunce!

Problem solved! If you left Florence without something that you can’t stop thinking about, we can ship it to you! V.T., a shopper from the spring has been dreaming about this bag. Who could blame her?:

A simple bank transfer to the shop, and her bag is on its way!

If you are looking for something in Florence, we can take photos and email them to you, and arrange shipping too! After all, as my best friend says, “what does need have to do with it?”.

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