Shopping in Florence for Jewelry

Whether it be antique, modern, gold, silver or costume jewelry, Florence abounds with unique choices from the many local artists.  And don’t we all love beautiful jewelry? It never shrinks at the dry cleaners, goes out of season, or becomes too tight if we overindulge!


Shopping for a unique piece of jewelry in Florence is so much fun! There are classic jewelry shops, artist owned shops, and antique stores to browse. The Ponte Vecchio is something incredible to behold, but we often find better prices elsewhere.


I especially love pieces that can be worn and enjoyed every day, like this bracelet and ring.


Both pieces are examples of the delicate gold work that makes Florence famous for its jewelry.

The museum copies of jewelry from paintings by the great masters and the artist’s copies of Etruscan jewelry are incredible also.

Whether you are looking for a significant piece of jewelry, or just a little bauble as a memento of your trip to Florence, you will not be disappointed!



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