Shopping in Florence- Fall is in Full Swing!

I am officially in love with this ring! A darling client from Florida bought it this week and is thrilled with it. This lady is a real jewelry aficionado, so of course we hit it off and had a great time shopping for jewelry. The ring is chocolate diamonds and regular diamonds in a rose gold setting. The rose gold color and the alternating colored diamonds make for a spectacular piece of jewelry.

Been a really busy week here for Florence Shop 4 It with five tours! In addition to jewelry, we have shopped for boots, handbags, Roman coins, gloves, belts, wallets and leather jackets.

I have my eye on a 3/4 length very thin, lightweight leather coat in midnight blue with pin tucking detail and beautiful buttons. I think this will look great over jeans and a tee shirt, or with dress pants and boots. The deep dark blue color lends itself to black, brown, gray, khaki – all the neutral colors we wear. My size had to be ordered, but I will post a photo next week!

This is a photo of one link partially carved, that will make up my new bracelet. The goldsmith at the workshop is very excited about it, but not as excited as I am! It will take at least another two weeks to complete….so I had to console myself with a little retail therapy today. Bought some great gray pants and two sweaters. Still warm here in Florence, but it will be getting cold soon!

I was on a roll today after the retail therapy, and decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of wine from a wonderful wine shop here to go with my dinner of pollo limone e spinaci. I bought two sweet little wine glasses yesterday near the Sant’Ambrogio market, so am feeling quite pampered as I sip my nice wine from my new glass, and write my blog. What a lovely end to a fun week of shopping and meeting so many wonderful people!

Chia had to have a bath tonight, and wasn’t very happy about it! Being the most famous dog in Florence now, she has to look her best at all times….la canina con la bella figura”.

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