Shopping Florence- What I Love This Week!

Orange (arancia in Italian) has never been my color. I prefer green and purple for accent colors, but even I can appreciate the gorgeous orange leather bags I have seen this week. They are the softest, most yummy leather and in beautiful designs.

The bag that intrigues me this week is the one that can be changed into five different shapes! One side of the bag is solid colored leather, and the other is a woven leather in blue, green and purple. I think that this bag would be a great as a tote with jeans in one shape, or a downtown chic bag in another shape- just so versatile!

What I am lusting after this week in a big way are the leather boxes! I have one that my grandmother gave me years ago, and I have seen so many more here in Florence. Red, green, brown and in so many different shapes, all with beautiful gold designs. I like to have a box next to my bed (for the earrings I had forgotten to take off), next to the phone, in the bathroom and on the coffee table in the living room. The little jewelry boxes are gorgeous too.

But wait! Look at this clutch bag I found today! Woven patent leather and suede with a sweet clasp at the top….

So many temptations here! Wish my photos did justice to the beautiful things I see….I just love shopping in Florence!!!

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