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Now that Christmas is over, and we are headed into the new year, I am doing an inventory of my last year’s purchases. Taking people shopping in Florence is so much fun, but it is dangerous for me! I see so many beautiful things that I want to buy….I make it a policy to do my own personal shopping only once per season. Of course there are always things I regret not buying, like the earrings which match these rings… gorgeous hand made earrings with little diamonds all around that could be worn just as easily with jeans as with more formal attire. I like the rose gold from this particular goldsmith’s workshop because it is not too pink, but just a nice warm color.


I am thrilled with my bracelet, and continue to get rave reviews on it from my friends in the States. When one is surrounded with beautiful things in Florence, one doesn’t realize how special they are. Back at home, it becomes apparent!


I have been carrying my new suede bag lots, and am loving the short boots and suede shoes I bought this fall.

So what do I regret not having bought? Here are the top three items:

1. leather boxes- small ones for hostess gifts, big one for my coffee table and medium size for my bathroom.IMG_3889

2. more scarves – red, purple and brown; I love wearing a scarf with just everything now!

3. black clutch bag- have been lusting after this one to carry on several occasions, and I know my daughters would want to borrow it too!

And so I will make notes to myself on what to buy next fall, but for now, am thinking ahead to spring. Have booked several shopping tours already, and am eagerly awaiting the season!

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  1. I was reading about shopping in Florence, and your name came up repeatedly. From what I gathered you live in Seattle, so the chance of your being in Florence, Italy this coming week are slim to none. We leave tomorrow for a week’s trip to Tuscany, and I would love to have you show me and possibly my husband around to the different shops you are familiar with. I know this would be a miracle if you are in Italy celebrating the holidays and New Year.

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