Leather Shopping: Gloves and Coats

The weather is getting cooler, and I am thinking of the beautiful leather gloves I could wear this fall and winter. What makes the gloves special here in Florence is the variety! Colors galore, and the softest leather you can imagine, lined in silk or cashmere. This is a photo of half of one room of gloves. This particular shop has two rooms of gloves!

I just love the bright colors in a glove. Given most of my wardrobe is black, brown navy or grey, the colored gloves really add some pop to my outfits. Orange is huge here this fall, but I prefer the pink hues: everything from pale pink to fuchsia!

Besides the great colors, the Italian design of the gloves is something special. Buckles, tucks, popcorn stitch, piping, buttons, you name it!

My big dilemma this fall is which leather coat I want….This photo is one of the choices. I would get it in navy leather, which needs to be ordered. But just look at the pin tucking and gorgeous details! This is unlined, and so lightweight and soft. Will take a photo of my other choice this week when I am out shopping with my clients from New York, Australia and Canada! Check back next Sunday on the blog for an update and help me decide which coat to get.

Meanwhile, ciao from Chia!

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