And the Rain, Rain, Rain Came Down, Down, Down…

Chia does NOT like all the rain here in Seattle, and especially doesn’t like her raincoat…But I have explained to Chia that like Seattle, it is raining in Florence now too! Of course, the weather forecast for Florence next week is sun, and the forecast for Seattle is…….you guessed it! MORE RAIN.

As Chia and I sit here in our nice home in Seattle, we look out over Portage Bay in the rain, and think about all the fun shopping we will be doing when we get back to Florence. The spring fashion, new designs in bags, boots, shoes – can’t wait to see them.

I wanted to take Chia out for a nice long walk in the great rain boots I bought in Venice, but Chia had other ideas….

And I do have my new Ipad Mini with lots of movies and books on it…..

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