Shopping Guide in Florence

Dangerous, dangerous job this shopping tour! I see all of the gorgeous leather: jackets, boots, shoes, bags, gloves, belts. And the Italian fashion is so beautiful. I love the small shops with the local designers clothing. Hey, you can buy Gucci, Pucci, Prada, etc. anywhere, and for less money than in Italy!

Chia loves to shop in Florence with me.

Yesterday, after having done three tours this week, I broke down and took myself shopping. My husband actually suggested this, as an alternative to my going alone through Napoli to the Amalfi Coast to see my bff, Katherine! What a guy! I bought a beautiful boucle dress, a green silk top, and a casual pants outfit (crisp polished cotton pants and a floaty top with matching camisole) for the Friday evening soirees at Chez Wells. Oh yes, and a pashmina to wear with the pants outfit. This season there is lots of coral and green to choose from, as well as the neutrals and black. I love green, as you can see from the photos below….

As I sit here in yet another green dress, I am thinking that I might need to revisit some shops and consider some coral color…..

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