Shopping for Shearling Coats in Florence

When I think about shearling jackets, a picture comes to mind: the Marlboro man in a thick, heavy jacket that would withstand the freezing winds of winter spent horseback on the range.

Even though the “Spaghetti Western” movies are lame, the Italian shearling coats are anything but! They are absolutely gorgeous- lightweight, made to fit the body, making me wish I lived in a colder climate!

Shopping for shearlings with several clients this week, and what a selection! My favorites are a dove gray shearling, hip length with horn toggle buttons and a chocolate brown 3/4 length with the softest lining you can imagine. They both are incredibly lightweight, skimming the body to show a woman’s shape while creating lean, ballerina lines. The price? About 1/2 of what we would pay in the States for a heavy, clunky, ¬†shearling coat like the Marlboro man’s….

Autumn days here are cool and sunny so far. Perfect shopping weather! The sweaters, boots and jackets are just so beautiful! The Italian twist on classic clothing is something to behold. Something to be holding. Something to be owning! Am contemplating buying a 4th suitcase to take back to Seattle this winter!

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