Shoe shopping for men too!

Shopping for shoes in Florence

When I think about fabulous shoes, men’s shoes are certainly not the first that come to mind! Men and their shoes conjure mental pictures of tennis shoes, Birkenstocks worn with socks, boring oxfords, etc. Shopping in Florence for men’s shoes has given me a whole new perspective! In the warm months when the Italian men occasionally wear beautiful linen shorts, they don soft leather loafers with no visible socks. We women must make this a cause celebre for other nations of the world! No more tennis shoes and Birkenstocks for our men in the summer months…..You see photographed a new convert to the Italian shoes for men. Note the happy smile of a man who has overcome the fashion faux pas of bad shoes with shorts!

And while I am on the subject of men’s shoes, I need to mention the gorgeous suede driving moccasins I just saw in navy blue, black, brown, tan and many other colors. The dress shoes here in Italy for men are absolutely gorgeous too. And they wear dress shoes with jeans as well as suits. No wonder we women love to gaze at the Italian men. It is all about the shoes!!!

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