No Mall Shopping!!!

In Seattle, mall shopping is good. Out of the rain and wind, lots of good sales and bargains. Not so here in Florence! The Mall is about 45 minutes outside of town, and the big names can all be found there: Gucci, Fendi, Burberry, etc. But the discounts there are not usually more than 10% or 20%, and that still leaves a hefty price tag on these designer items! I have been three times, and have never purchased a thing. And it takes a whole day by the time you take the bus there and back!


I prefer the small shops right here in Florence. This week I had to drag myself out of one of my favorite shoe shops before I purchased the booties I fell in love with. Caramel colored with a 2 inch wedge heel, and detailing that made me woozy. The white Chanel style cardigan sweater with navy piping and the most gorgeous gold buttons….well, I may have to go back!

Instead, I purchased a pot of Chinese Lantern to put on the little table on my courtyard. Such pretty fall color, and Chia approves.

Since Chia’s dog food costs 3 euro (about $4.00) per can here, I think I made a wise shopping choice. Besides, I know for certain that I really want something when I come home and think about it overnight! And dream about it!!!


The jewelry here is so beautiful too. Cameos are making a comeback, so if your grandmother left you a cameo ring or brooch, get it out and wear it!

I have seen such stunning Florentine gold jewelry here! Many shopping clients have purchased pieces and been thrilled with them: bracelets and necklaces with ┬ádiamond cut gold are favorites. ┬áThis method of cutting the 18k gold make it look like a strand of diamonds. They use rose gold, yellow gold, white gold and black gold in a huge number of variations from modern to antique looking. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings….will have to take some photos for next week’s blog. Think I will be dream of gold jewelry tonight! Or maybe handbags….

2 thoughts on “No Mall Shopping!!!”

  1. My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping time with you. We thought Chia was just the most adorable and well behaved dog. You were so helpful and your advice so valuable. We love everything we purchased, and my friend was so impressed with the shop you took him to for shoes. The owner and a man from the factory where the shoes are made, came to our hotel to refit the shoes, because they were not positive that the initial fitting was perfect. We were impressed with how much they wanted us to be satisfied with his shoes. Since we knew we would only have a short time span to shop, your knowledge of where to go for what we wanted to purchase, save us time and money. Thank you so much.

  2. WOW.. I’m am really impressed reading Maren & Chia’s reviews… on this site… That is really the best way to understand the high quality of this personalized shopping experience … not to mention how much fun they are to be with!

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